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Smart Cards for a Smarter World

In earlier days, the only way for a person that could be indentified was with a ID badge. As time has proved that, One could easily duplicate or copy a ID badge to enter into restricted areas. In Old days access to a property such as home and offices were restricted to Door Locks and Keys, again these can be duplicated for mere cents. Housing complexes were in a big problem, when renters left the premise and still could come back and enter a property when their lease expired causing thefts. Surely a lot of technologies was tried to overcome these challenges. They tried to add features such adding Magnetic strip, Bar codes, Holograms etc to secure duplication, but most of these lacked ways to control it.

Smart cards came into existence to defeat this purpose of duplicity and ways to secure information. This is the reason most companies now have Smart cards for Access to office or factories. They also help them for Attendance management and payroll calculations. The technology for smart card is very simple; there is a chip in a card which has a unique ID number that cannot be changed. There is a memory chip too, just in case you want to control access to certain door / areas of a location and add specific parameters that only you can control. The card can also store lots of information about the card holder in the cards memory. There are a variety of cards available today with various Memory configurations. These smart cards can also integrate Bar codes, Magnetic stripes, Laser Printing, Holograms and Dual Frequency Cards. These Smart Cards are broadly defined as Contact Based Smart Cards and Contactless Smart cards. The contact based cards are used in Secure Applications, such as Payment, Credit cards, Debit cards and other similar applications. The contactless Cards are used in solutions like access control, Attendance management, Home or Office doors, Parking management and similar applications.

RFID Infotek is the leading RFID Solutions Company in the world. They manufacture Smart cards to address several of these requirements. RFID Infotek has over 20 different types of Smart Cards, depending upon needed application and requirements. RFID Infotek is a RFID Solutions company, which was founded in 2008 and very rapidly grown into one of the largest RFID tags Manufacturing Company. The company makes over 200 different kinds of RFID tags for various needs. They cover for Paper Tags, PVC tags, PET Tags, Key Fobs, Specialty Tags and On Metal Tags. They provide these Tags in all frequency bands such as LF (Low Frequency 125k-134.2K), HF (High Frequency 13.56 Mhz), UHF ( Ultra High Frequency 860-975 Mhz) and Active (Battery Assisted 2.45ghz ) Tags. RFID Infotek have a dedicated R&D division which work on methods to lower cost of manufacturing and getting higher ROI for RFID users.