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RFID Document Management

RFID Document Management – how to keep track of that paperwork.

Does your business depend on paper documents?  We are all trying to use less paper for our documents and rely on the electronic version, but there are just some cases where we have to have paper.  In the case of a legal document, sometimes that document must exist with an original signature. Today, paper is still the best way to do this.

Research has shown that workers spend up to 15% of their time looking for a document and that 7% of all documents get lost with 3% of the remainder being misfiled. This leads to a tremendous waste of time and money. In fact industry experts estimate that an average company wastes 25 hours recreating each lost document. 

The solution is to enable your documents with RFID tags. An RFID tag is placed on each document and folder and every time those tags are seen by a reader the location information is recorded. With new technology tags, even piles of 100 single sheets of paper can be quickly identified and a report can be issued showing the location of each document.

Documents can be “registered” with a file folder and they can easily be traced as they move around a building. Optional ability to check-out documents when they are taken home, or to another location, allows others to find the documents even when they are not in the building.

RFID readers can be placed onto desks as in-boxes, or as pads on the desk. Filing cabinets and book shelves can be easily enabled with a reader. Doorway readers provide an instant recognition when a folder is taken from the office.

Easily managed document tracking software provides reports, location information, and even alerts to help control all of that paper. Imagine knowing that the file folder you are carrying contains every document that it is supposed to have, saving you the embarrassment of getting to your meeting without that vital document.

RFID Document Tracking is a great solution for the problem of paper documents. This easily implemented way to track documents saves money and solves all of those lost document issues.

Steve Halliday is a partner with RFIDTraxx LLC. The company specializes in providing RFID based tracking solutions for assets from paper documents to equipment. He can be contacted at or by visiting the web site at